Investing in Digital Marketing: What’s the Big Deal?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about marketing?

It could be the world of “Mad Men,” an AMC series set in the 1960s, where Don Draper must keep up with the ever-evolving world of advertising as younger colleagues make their way onto the scene.

Digital marketing is the new “Mad Men,” with scores of businesses turning to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for their digital marketing. But why? Why can’t we just continue using TV ads or getting a full page in a magazine? The simple answer is that advertising is going digital, but the fact is it is already there.

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Social Media is the Word

Social media has turned the internet into a walking ad. The fact that social media influencers are earning three figures posting Photoshopped content of what beauty product “they simply can’t live without,” is mind-blowing. But hey…in the words of the USPS, “If it fits, it ships.” And people are glued to the internet and social media now more than ever.

Businesses may still survive with print and TV ads, but what about thriving? With digital marketing, business potential is endless.

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A shoe store in a small town shows up on a search and ends up shipping their first international purchase. A new business creating all-natural skincare products pops up on a search engine in Italy. After a few clicks, they’re shipping their face-wash to the Pope! OK, maybe not the pope, but you get the picture.

With digital marketing, business can reach the ends of the earth and can do it in one click.

When using Google, the majority of people go to page one and maybe as far down as the fifth or sixth entry. Ranking high on Google, gives a business the benefit of being one of the first links to click.

How Do I Gain Rank Through SEO?

When it comes to marketing, SEO agencies are in the business of getting their client to the front of the line. Through research and data, an SEO analyst will use keywords and write content that makes Google happy.

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As a business continues to feed the Google beast, they can increase their ranking closer to page one. Search engines periodically change how a business can organically have more visibility. As algorithms change, SEO firms should update strategies to keep their clients with high ranking.

The advertising world is in a new age of “Mad Men.”

When moving forward with digital marketing, it’s important to find an agency or consultant with an expertise on all things SEO.

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