Top 15 Reasons to Invest in Local SEO

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In the age of the handheld Yellow Pages, people constantly take out their phone and pull up a Google search to find the best Mexican food or the closest business for a car wash.

Sure, you could say that search engines are more effective for large-scale companies, but when you think about it, it’s far simpler. 

People want instant gratification when they do a Google search. They want to know their best and closest option as quickly as possible. Due to this, local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) searches hold a significant and important online presence. 

Today, when people need to find something, they head straight to Google.

And they want it now, so they also include “near me” to show all the results in the vicinity. 

How do you make sure your business appears for such a targeted search? The answer: Make sure you are investing in local SEO.

Below are 15 powerful reasons to invest in SEO specific to your location.

Get a Return on Investment

In business, there is scarcely more important than the almighty dollar. 

Research shows 75% percent of users don’t even go past the first page of a search. That information alone tells you how financially important it is to be in the top results. 

When working on digital marketing and managing a successful SEO campaign, the return on your investment is high.

Unlike other marketing methods, like PPC (Pay-Per-Click), when an SEO agency organically increases their client’s visibility, it also sustains an impact for a longer time.

More visibility means more clicks to your site. More clicks means Google will recognize you as relevant to that search and continue to keep you listed at the top. 

Sounds a bit like a Catch-22, right?

Attract Local Customers and Increase Foot Traffic

The whole purpose of SEO is to get your business front and center on a Google search. For local SEO, it’s even more vital because you are attracting people who are right in your own backyard. 

Can you imagine the level of convenience for them to know they can simply take a ride down the street to get what they need?  Now they won’t have to purchase it online and wait for the whole process of packaging and shipping.

Utilize Mobile Searching and Location Services

According to, cellphone traffic has increased 222% in the past seven years.

People are always on the go and their mobile phone is a practical way to find information. 

Over the past five years, Statista, studied the change in devices used in organic search engines. From 2013 to 2019, using a search engine from a mobile phone increased from 27% to 56%. 

That percentage has begun to straighten out, but it is clear mobile searches are the leading way in using a search engine.

Build Trust and Credibility Through Organic Searching

Local SEO is also an excellent way to show your business as being valuable to the specific topic searched.

When using best SEO practices, your business will organically appear at the top of the search results. This means search engines, like Google, view your site to be a relevant and valuable piece of information.

Have a Competitive Advantage

Whether you live in a small town or a large city, the best place for your business to appear is on page one. 

Not everyone is aware of the benefits local SEO provides, but it can give you a leg-up when trying to show your business to the local masses.

Similar businesses may have comparable prices and stock you have. But when your site is optimized and appears as a top result, people are more likely to choose your business over a competitor.

Find Customers Ready to Buy

When people are searching locally, it’s usually because it’s something they realize they need or want right now. At that moment, they pull their cellphone out and do a search. 

If you appear as a top result, the chance of that potential client choosing your business has already greatly increased. You can be sure they are now headed in your direction to make that purchase. All you’ll need to do is point them in the right direction, so to speak, once they get there.

Appear in the Local Google Map Pack

Another significant reason to invest in local SEO is to get your business listed in the Google Map Pack. When searching locally, Google will provide a map of the immediate searched area. The Map Pack recommends businesses who are credible and near where the potential customer is located. 

The visibility of businesses on the Map Pack has decreased from seven to now only three businesses. This leaves the remaining four to hope they still show up in the listed search results.

It is now more important than ever to find a local SEO company who follows and understands these changes. It’s important to find a team who can easily pivot and use the best SEO tools to keep you on the map.

Gain More Local Reviews

In addition to using a search engine, customer reviews are a vital piece to the puzzle used when someone is deciding where to bring their business.

The finest SEO team will know all the tools needed to increase your search results. As more customers come in, that will lead to more reviews. A business page with a plethora of positive reviews sells itself and investing in local SEO practices will get you there.

Improve Brand Visibility

In addition to getting an increase in reviews, investing in this type of internet marketing gives you more chances for visibility across search engine platforms. 

When you are more visible to your surroundings, a lot can happen. Especially in an area where everyone knows everyone. 

It’s that word-of-mouth advice from neighbor to neighbor that can build your brand awareness in a positive way and lead to a greater return on investment.

Provide Better User Experience

Content is critical when trying to increase your rank, but that’s not the only answer.

When optimizing your site, it’s important to make sure your website is user-friendly.

The appearance and layout of your website can drastically change the amount of time someone will spend browsing. Most browsing time means more time for your website to show its appeal and turn a browser into a buyer.

Use Data and Stay on the Right Path

As you are doing an SEO campaign, data will come in and let you know what keywords are working best for you or what link-building strategies are giving you the most clicks. 

When you get this information, it allows you to target those avenues you are getting the most bang for your buck. Without the data provided by an SEO firm, it’s easy to get lost, wondering what works for you and what doesn’t. The answer is in the numbers.

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Stand Out and Find New Customers

Local SEO is also important through  its ability to raise awareness about your business in the  community and surrounding area. 

When using an SEO strategy that works, you become more visible in searches and new customers can find you more easily.

Be Cost-Effective and Reduce Advertising Costs

Organic search traffic are the clicks and views you get without having to actually shell out money for an ad. 

When you look at a Google search, the first couple of listings are usually paid ads and are clearly noted in bold print. Below those paid ads are links to businesses able to organically rise through the search results by using SEO.

Most SEO companies offer different tiers of service to fit into a business’ budget. No matter the level you choose, the ideal firm will use their best practices, getting you more visibility naturally.

And if you think about it, there is a not-so-secret secret about the reliability of those paid ads. Do you ever feel compelled to click the ads? Is the answer no?

Most don’t. Why click an ad when directly below are actual sites that don’t have to pay for Google to notice them? 

With a local SEO marketing strategy, you will be that reliable business without paying Google to get there.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Rome wasn’t built in a day. So it’s safe to say when you are working to get your business to the top results of a search page, it won’t happen overnight. 

A lot depends on a lot when it comes to SEO. Results take time, but it leaves a lasting impression that sustains for a longer period of time.

When building a successful strategy, it’s important to use the correct keywords, conjure catchy content, and use credible sources when link-building.

It can take 6 to 12 months before your results are visible. 

The leading team uses data-analysis and keeps up with algorithm changes produced by Google.

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Climb Closer to the Big Picture

We’ve been talking about local ways to increase your business, but what about all the opportunity on the other side of the mountain? 

When you have a local SEO plan in place that is successful, you will be a step ahead.

A successful local campaign sets you up for success and gets you ready for the big leagues

To find out how we can maximize your SEO investment, contact Write 2 Rank now.

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