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Quality Content Marketing as a Business Booster

When I was younger, blogging was like your own personal, online diary that you could share with the world. Anyone remembers Live Journal or Tumblr?

Back then, it seemed like a way for angsty teens to get all their emotions out into the world (hello, me) and possibly find out if they weren’t all alone in their thoughts.

While I’m sure this is still practiced by the teen generation, blogging has now become a content marketing strategy for businesses to put themselves front and center in a search engine without having to pay for their ads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) operates on quality content relevant to the reader/searcher. It’s not enough anymore to just throw a few keywords onto your website and feel confident it will show up on page one of Google.

Google has long since figured that out. They are a business too, and they are in the business of giving their users the best of what they are looking for.

If you want an online presence on page one of a Google search, then it’s time to join the writing game or find a New Orleans SEO agency who can.

Ass-Kicking Content Over Kitchy Keywords

When SEO first began, it was a lot of repeating keywords over and over, or simply throwing different keywords into the content relevant to a business. This would often lead to content that is poorly written, poorly edited or both. I’m talking about a SEO taboo known as “keyword stuffing.”

This is not all to say you should forget using SEO tools to find keywords with a high search volume, but to use those words in a cohesive way, providing readers and searchers something interesting and informative to read. Don’t over do it.

The more relevant the information, the better you look to Google, and the better chance you get at being ranked higher than your competition.

Research, Research and More Research

While in school and learning about journalism, there was one phrase I heard a lot.

“It’s good for you to learn a little about a lot rather than a lot about a little.” I actually still use this phrase quite often.

Having well-researched content within your digital marketing strategy shows you know what you are talking about. 

In addition, a benefit of your research is that it gives you credible websites to link back to. While this doesn’t help your business directly from a link building standpoint, it does show that particular website you trust them. It shows you are using their site as a resource by creating a back link for them. I hope you follow where I’m going with this…I scratch your back, you scratch mine?

If you are working with a local SEO company, they don’t need to be an expert, but you definitely want to make sure there is confidence in what is being written.

When focusing on your business ranking in local SEO, this is an excellent opportunity to write about something well-known in your city. Find a way to tie it back to your business. Also, since it’s local, you probably already know all about it. So, they may not need to do much research.

Be Relevant to Succeed

We all know words matter. And from a SEO point-of-view, it’s the quality of words and writing that truly matters.
Google has updated and revamped their algorithms numerous times. What worked in the beginning (keyword stuffing) has long been known and weeded out. As Google has advanced their ranking system, you should as well if you want to remain relevant and succeed.

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