Using Long-Tail Keywords to Boost SEO

When beginning an SEO campaign, it may seem obvious that you’ll want to focus on the words that are being searched most frequently.

However, those keywords with a high search volume also have a high competition rate. 

If you are a new business or your campaign is focusing on local SEO, it will take a long time and a significant amount of money to see your business listed on page one if you only focus on these high-search-volume words.

But there is hope.

Another way to gain rank on Google is to implement long-tail keywords into your campaign. These are words and phrases that create a more pinpointed, specific search. This is also an excellent place to start if you are in a saturated market for your business.

For example, let’s say you are selling your own artwork, where you paint pictures of animals, and you paint with only your hands. A word with a high search volume could be “art.” A long-tail keyword will dive into something more direct and descriptive, like “hand painted art of animals.” 

Although the search volume for this phrase is not as high as a single word, this strategy targets and focuses on searchers who want exactly what you’re selling.

Also, because these words and phrases tend to have a lower search volume, this allows you to reach page one much quicker and with little to no cost.

Once you are ranking in those long-tail keywords, you can start to incorporate the simpler and more searched-for keywords.

By dominating in the long-tail keywords of a search engine, you will likely have more success ranking higher on Google when you start to focus on the high-ranking, high-search-volume keywords.

You can look at it as building a reputation. Not only for your potential customer base, but also for the Google algorithms responsible for deciding who gets on page one.

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